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Oh the ‘Apple’ ?s

My life’s a tragedy and I write verses for it, 

Sometimes I wonder if I could ever, 

Ignore what is written and follow something

And then life comes to haunt me, 

And my life’s a tragedy because I exist. 

I fly to places where I shouldn’t be

I am an angel in disguise with sins

I have been tempted and used

I have found no inner soul. 

I’m looking for the apple that broke

The sin, the temptation, the rouge 

I am looking for those unsaid words

That burn like smirnoff’s hard. 

I am an apple creature, 

Green is my color, 

And I am my own tragedy and 

Hence I am unwritten. 


The title

The reason that I am suddenly writing is because I found myself reading an old post here and because recently a friend said why don’t u write, and I couldn’t answer him. He said I should figure it out, and until I know for sure why I am not writing, there is still hope.

You think you know life when you are in high school, and then it interrupts you and you realize what-the-F you know nothing. Life is like that and it happens the same in college, at work, at home, with kids, with parents, with everything. You cannot figure it out. Life doesn’t come with a title. If i was to think, what my biography should be called, I am sure I would come up with some funky titles: Incomparable/Incomprehensible (yes, i know IN, if you have a problem with that, I don’t care, it is my F-ing biography*) or maybe Inevitable. But, if you think about it these are pretty boring words, so how to I title my life. Okay, let’s run through some of the most famous biographies and look at how other people’s life have been titled: **

1. Goodbye to all that – Robert Graves

(I personally find the title highly amusing, I have not read the wikipedia page but I can assure you that the book is a sarcasm to how superficial and unnecessary pain certain aspects of life can be, a very well thought of title indeed, because it expresses an opinion, that is important)

2. My experiments with truth – Mahatma Gandhi

(Interesting title again, but though I have tried reading this one, I don’t remember much of it, but this book basically is a story of a man and his experience with his honesty which to him was probably the most important thing ***)

3. The diary of a young girl – Anne Frank

(Most educated people have heard of this one, the title is apt, it is a diary of a young girl, really young girl and her experiences with really awful things)

4. The Boss: the many sides of Alex Ferguson – Alex Ferguson

(No idea who this guy is, really 😛 but if are interested, i think I THINK he is some soccer player or football player, and don’t even get me started on how I don’t understand the difference :P, but yes the title of this biography clearly tells us the story of a self obsessed or rather a fully functional human, what’s the difference really? :P)

4. Back from the brink – Paul McGrath

(Definitely a must mentioning title, tells the story of courage and believing (hope maybe? )most definitely if nothing else. and believe me, i would want mine to be called something like this, except I don’t know who is Paul McGrath, but for the reference you can click and find.)

(this is the last one for sure, because I decided not more than 5)

5. First Man: The life of Neil A. Armstrong

(This one I searched for specifically because he recently passed away and he is an important man, in the sense that he opened up some path for the human civilization, he got us new mysteries and after all, all of us beings actually live off the excitement of the unknown, very accurately titled as he was the first man on the moon.  {a tiny note as to why i am not citing this information because I know it since forever that he is the first man on the moon :P, so cant really site an old geography book i guess which i don’t even remember})

SO yes, I am not done talking (DUH). I am never done talking, but that’s a secret. And I have missed writing so much, that this just feels awesome. This piece actually sounds like a friend of mine writes, it is VERY informative or rather descriptive, but my point was, what title would you want your autobiography to read? I mean it is really that difficult to think of it and funnily I just thought of my perfect title, but I won’t tell you that now. It is for later, when you all will read it. Believe me I am certain you will read it or hear about it.)

The title is important and so this post is called the title because really, I couldn’t figure out what to call it. Maybe “Comeback?”, “Return-of-a-warrior” or I don’t know “The-Crazy-Woman-IS-BACK” but I don’t know what to call it, and so I discussed what could possibly be called an analysis of autobiographical titles. If you want, search for more online, you will find many and when you do, send me some interesting ones so that I could analyze them. I have AN IMPORTANT question though, why are football players so obsessed with writing biographies and why do people read them? Like, political leaders I get, inspiration leader I can believe, but what are players preaching/teaching that people want to read it. Just an after thought, but go and think about what you would like your autobiography to be called, and please get back to me on that. I will love to analyze everyone 🙂

* to anyone who is wondering why i am not using the f word, it is because it induces negative emotions in people (according to stephen fry, and come-on who the hell am i to disagree with that genius 😛 )

** i must inform u, i do not know many, so i did indeed use the web for this. so don’t think i’m too smart, oh i am not stupid, i just don’t remember facts: maybe I’m einstein !

*** if u don’t know, Mahatma Gandhi was a follower of truth and non-violence