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The golden verses of Pythagoras

The golden verses of Pythagoras

I was a little amused when I found this and I realized that all the mathematicians in the ancient times were philosophers first, then anything else.


Human life

Once in a while you will wonder the sanctity of human life and its meanings. The question arises is what should you do then? What should you do when you want to kill somebody because of the heinous crimes you know that they have done. No, not to you but to somebody else. What morals should you follow when your gut tell you something is correct and completely acceptable. To be completely honest, I do not know. I heard some really awful stories. The Boston marathon bombing, the building collapse in Bangladesh and the rape of a 5 year old in India. What do you do to such people? The factory owners in Bangladesh blackmailed their employees to go into a building to work, a bomber took innocent lives in Boston and a neighbor raped a five year old baby. I get furious hearing these news and at the same time wonder if the ideals of protecting all human life is actually a good notion at all. Should these humans really called human? Do they have even a flicker of humanity in them.

I have been thinking about this for a while now. Who decides who deserves to live or die? All I know is some people do awful things and get away with it and they should not. They should be made to feel the guilt of their actions

If I met myself

I just had nothing to think about so I thought what will I do if I met myself. The thing I realized is, I would sit next to myself without introductions and would just judge the person next to me which would also be me doing the same. I wouldnt know me if I ever met me. Odd but true

Dynamics of social interaction: How human beings get bored

I was thinking about human relationships. Be it any: romantic or platonic. Every relationship has a run, or rather no relationship can stay the same and prosper. I was just thinking about how your friends change depending on your status in life (not financially so much but moreover proximity). Or emotional state or you can call it life state. That is why AA exists or other such groups. Like attracts like. Not saying that like repels unlike. But there is always something common to bring to people together. Mothers with kids of the same age or going to the same school end up being friends. How does that happen? Just by the mere coincidence of their children being in the same school. Isn’t that weird?

And come on, you will know some friend who moved cities and then you just didn’t remain as important to them. Like when you left high school, didn’t you promise yourself you will be friends forever but how often does the “FRIENDS” situation happen in life? When your college roommate and best friend is still your best friend 20 years later. Rarely yes. I was just thinking, why we find new friends? Or rather, why sometimes we stick to the old ones? What makes any relationship click when most fail? I thought of giving examples of people but don’t feel like it. Let me tell you something else though. Don’t take your friends too seriously. Chances are, they will drift away. One thing I have realized growing up is, don’t take anyone too seriously. No body in your life is constant. What the fuck yes? But I keep thinking. How come that none of the people I adored in school and talked for hours, we don’t even talk for minutes in a day anymore. Not even a hello on whatsapp. What is wrong with me or them? I think on some level, they live in different places and their lives have changed. Then, I think of people who went to the same school but were not friends and then suddenly, somehow ended up meeting in college or at work and suddenly their lives made sense together. How do relationships fall together and apart?

I keep wondering. Honestly, I do not have an answer. I keep thinking, my current friends won’t be there in 5 years with me. Like, my best friends would get married and have a different life. Would they really share their opinion with me? What do I have in common with them to keep us together for life? Absolutely nothing. School ends and so does so many things.

I do not have much time to keep thinking of this now, or rather I have too much of things on my mind, which I need to clear up. But just think about it. Name your friends. Even though there have been like 1 or 2. Name them. And think about it, why haven’t none of them lasted or why some of them have? What is it that makes something click or not? I do not have any friends that know my life now that I went to school with, it makes me sad. I want to understand how to make relationships last? I do not want to lose any more of my friends. If you know, please tell me!!

The good, bad and wonderful

I often wonder what is the relationship between your life and you. More specifically, life and your reactions to it or emotion towards it. I often see people happy, but when I talk to them they complain about taxes, kids, jobs and even life. I don’t quite understand, how is someone whose life looks perfectly good from far off complain about things. Maybe we are all dealing with FWP (First world problems). Let’s just name a few of those of you to get what I mean: “My internet speed is too low”, “my phone charger is broken (I need to tell everyone on Facebook this)”, “i got hammered last night, so now my head hurts”, “My boyfriend/girlfriend is away on weekend and I have nothing to do”, “It is late, pizza hut won’t deliver now” and many more of those. I often wonder if my problems or most problems of people these days actually have any life changing consequence. I cannot feel comfortable around the people who make an issue out of everything in life, they need to CALM the FUCK down and think how petty they sound. Even in their head. I admit, if your partner is ignoring you, it is bad. If your boss is out to screw your life, it is bad. If you are lonely in a new town, yes it sucks. These are all human situations which people should make a fuss about. 

Appreciate the good, show it off. Say it out. You might think it will be jinxed, but really, there would be bad times in your new job or bad days in relationships or even horrible hair days. That’s life. Oscillating between the good, bad and wonderful. You know why I don’t call life, the good bad and horrible? I would like to believe that people are more than complains. If you can go to bed with a thought of anything good in your life, you have it pretty okay. Okay, now I sound like a saint or something. Screw it, don’t listen to me. 

Go party! Kick some ass! Break a LEG! Always encourage yourself, and just sometimes give yourself a break 😉 

Here is a song I really like: 

Life goes on -Noah and the Whale 

Listen to it and just be happy! 🙂 

What has F.R.I.E.N.D.S. taught us

I recently saw this meme online and I started thinking about how much the world has changed in the past 19 years. First, it makes me realize that time has indeed passed and that I am old and that someday I will die. It is a scary thought, the thought of dying, the thought of everyone around you dying. I wish they invent immortality soon. Real real soon. Friends ran between 1994 to 2004, and it was indeed a golden age. The show was wonderful. It was witty and funny and interesting and never boring.

I have been thinking though, does anyone’s life change watching a television show? I don’t think so. Television is awesome. Friends is awesome, but then has friends taught us anything? It surely should have taught us these things I think:

1. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are as long as you have friends to hang out with.

2. You are capable of having five best friends at one time.

3. You do not need constant texting/whatsapping/emailing to tell people you love them.

4. If you really love somebody, you will never leave them for your career or anything (Chandler left Tulsa, Rachel didn’t go to Paris, Mike married Phoebe even when his parents didn’t agree). 

5. Sometimes you have to make hard choices to let people go. (Ross and marcel (the monkey)).

6. People have to eventually grow up and move on. (Chandler and Monica left their apartment)

7. You don’t judge your friends based on where they come from (their family), their backgrounds or their intelligence. You can be friends with anyone you want to.

8. Everyone is different, you should accept the eccentricities of your friends.

9. You should never stop looking for love. You can find it in the most unexpected places.

10. You should probably give up your laptops and phones when you are with your friends. You should enjoy and cherish the time you have with them.

I really think I have summed it all up. I know this is not a character analysis of each character, but I really think the most important thing to not forget these days is that social networking is not as important as making friends. I know some people might be confused about what I mean, but just think about it. You don’t need 500 facebook friends who don’t give a rats ass and with whom you cannot share a pizza late night, you will be fine even with 5.