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Love is a dream 

We all like to see. 

Love is a sorrow 

We all to follow. 

Love is a task 

We can’t all do. 

Love is a day 

Gone too far but not true.

Love is a sigh

In everyone’s eye. 

Love is a mystery 

Told in our history. 

Love is the day

When we forgive more

When we forget less

When we ask nothing

And give everything

It is the minute

Whole become incomplete 

And incomplete becomes whole

It is madness 

It is craziness

It is not anywhere

It is yet everywhere

Morning, evening and night

It is the thing to fright

I know love is great 

But some of us are always solace. 


My creative pool

I heard this recent talk, by a Bollywood filmstar, Shahrukh Khan who appeared at the Yale University and he said, creativity is your gift to the world and creativity does not crave reward, or critique. Creativity is a whole concept on its own and I might be twisting it around but the truth remains that creativity is personal, recognized or not so much. It does not have to be for anyone but yourself and so I have decided to write about my own creativity in my own creative way.

Creativity thou a friend

An enemy thou also

Aye inside filled with thy

Thy is reason for aye. 

This might sound funny

This prose I suggest, 

To some it may be a poem 

To others a story instead. 

Aye have had a love affair

An affair with creativity

Thy not understand aye love

Misunderstood as, it is. 

One day at a time

It pours on me like crystals

For each day it balances 

All my troubles. 

Thy mine thy is, 

Aye creativity thy is,

Those who understand thee

Shall not ask of me.

I have looked in the woods

To find that isolation 

That freedom from all 

Lies inside you my creativity, is all my flaws.

Thy silent whispers come to me at night

Aye want to take thee somewhere far

From this world, this place, this earth

Where thee and aye shall finally be one. 

Oh and for those who do not understand this, it is my lame attempt to be something. I am flawed like all of you, but I will remember as Shahrukh Khan mentioned, that creativity is personal, not anyone else’s. I hope that would take me far enough. 

As Kurt Cobain would say: “Peace. Love. Empathy” I think that’s the most we can expect from this world anyways. Image

Once upon a time

I was a little girl

When I started believing in signs

The good and bad, 

The one without any reason or rhyme

The universe is a music unsavoured

It goes in cyclic intermissions

Of good and bad and rhymes 

The way it was, the way it will be

Is all transcendental

You have today, or whether tomorrow

Is a mystery beyond any comprehension

Why we chase, why we follow

Why the world goes to morrow

The direction of time,

The reason or rhyme

The gray suit, the red shirt

The bags full of knowledge

Or head with complete ignorance

The corner we hide,

The maps with might

The boundaries, the liberation

The blue shoes and invasion

It is all once upon a time

A moment that can bind

The expressions, the love,

The forgotten past, the dooming future

All is there, but only

Once upon a time  

That one person

That one person who makes us cry, 

The only person who can make us happy, 

The one who can hurt more than possible, 

The one who can possibly heal even better. 

The one who knows all are secrets, 

And keeps them as they were their own, 

The one who believes in us, 

Even when we stop believing in our own self.

The one who we promise to, 

A lifelong of companionship

The one we want to keep the promise with

But sometimes fail to come through. 

We all have that one person, 

The one we have disappointed, 

The one who has forgiven, 

The one who loved us more than anyone, 

And the one who made us stronger, 

The one we can fight with like crazy, 

The one we cannot live without even a day, 

This is to that one person, 

My best friend, my confidant, my life. 

We wonder

Let’s begin about writing about the wonder that life is. From a single cell to a million cell worth of flesh and blood that humans are. I wonder though, if we wonder enough. 

I have seen life go past, in a rush, 

I have seen seasons pass, with nothing but a hush, 

I have hidden through life, silent and smile

As the wonders have passed me by. 

I have often thought to myself, 

The good phase is yet to come

Never realizing the best is now, 

For the simple reason that it is NOW. 

A day at a time, 

A reason once in a while, 

We wonder of things there are, 

We wonder of things there aren’t. 

The greatest wonder is our existence, 

And we don’t enjoy it for even a second, 

We don’t just breathe and wonder, 

How insanely awesome it is to do that. 

Life goes past in all the wonder, 

We wonder of things man created, 

How can we be so ignorant to nature? 

I wonder today, as I wondered yesterday

If the awe is just an illusion now

The things that should be awe-d are just

Taken for granted, and the unnecessary, 

The burdens in life, the added problems

Seem to be awe-d instead.

I wonder if human beings 

Could just begin again, 

And like eve was tempted by an apple, 

The point it, it was an APPLE. 

In this world we live today, 

We all are trying to remove as much awe, 

By wondering about the wrong things

When the nature is as old as ever, 

It is as mysterious as it was before 

So where did all the wonder go?