Monthly Archives: July 2011


I was listening to this song of Taylor Swift, and no I don’t regularly listen to it. It’s called fifteen and somehow Talyor Swift managed to find some reality check to her song. It’s like, fifteen is real. The song at least got one think right, the feeling of being fifteen (I know that sounded highly stupid, but what I meant was the feeling of being a teenager is very different especially when you grow up and reflect on your life).

The song is basically about some girl who singing about her fifteen year old self in love, but the main part of it is not the love at fifteen but the faith we all have when we are fifteen. Teenage is an age for dreaming. All teenagers dream, of love, of life of some unrealistic future than it would be almost impossible to actually have. Who has not dreamed of living with friends like they do in the television series, FRIENDS? Who has not thought of travelling the world with their lovers after graduating? These are just a few examples of the things that teenagers dream about but then, different people, different dreams. Some may dream of climbing mount Everest, or going sky diving, or doing river rafting, or go to boxing matches, or sleep under the stars, or pilot a jet (own it as well), or even taking a space ship out to the space on missions. Dreams are so exquisite, so extravagant sometimes that even the dreamers do not realize what they are dreaming of until they get the reality check after the high school years.

I have seen that people give up on dreams, because I know I did. I am not saying that what happened with me, happens with everybody. I do hope that there are people who follow theirs right till the end. I have become practical, more real and it’s not that I stopped dreaming, I just started dreaming of more conventional things. I know I am traitor to the dreamers( a friend very aptly pointed this out to me the other day) but what to do, one does get sick of dreaming unfathomable fantasies. Or at least I did. I am not a dream crusher but I have come to believe that not all of us can afford to be dreamers. I do however bow to the ones who can be. I wanted to be one, but when your dreams are dependent on others they have a likelihood of burning to ashes.

I was talking about the song fifteen in which it’s said that there’s nothing to figure out at fifteen which I believe to be true. The reason being that at fifteen even though we think that our complex little world would collapse with the slightest of change in scenarios, it doesn’t. The things that we give so much importance to, the feeling we try to solve like crossword puzzles are all insignificant as to when you cross that age. The things one tries to figure out sort of increases as the barriers to rationality is crossed in one’s mind. Another interesting thing about the song was the part about believing that love lasts forever. Not that it says those words but that at fifteen when one says the words “I love you” they do mean it. In a weird way, I think the meaning of those three words has somehow changed over the years. As people grow old, “I love you” has different meanings, sometimes one says it to make people feel better, sometimes to get laid, sometimes to ask for some sort of favor. Love itself loses meaning, and also people stop believing in it once they are grow up because it becomes more commercialized. And yes, that’s what I said, love is commercialized. So is Valentine’s day and many more holidays around the year in every part of the world.

Fifteen is not a song about growing up, it describes what it means to be young. It doesn’t count for much when you think about it, teenage I mean, but then it means everything if you want it to be. I think we should capture the emotions of that age and keep it preserved in a safe box. It does not last forever but it is the best time of one’s life.