HIMYM finale reactions

After watching the HIMYM finale, I had my opinions on how it should have ended. I’m sure everyone had their opinion. A lot of them shared it also. There are some very angry people out there. So, should I summarize what happened? Let’s do it by characters:

Lily: Her story goes with her having 3 kids and being the emotional backbone of the gang. She sheds her tears on all appropriate moment and stands by Marshall in every decision. Till the end, she and Marshall are happily married.

Marshall: After returning from Italy, he takes up a corporate lawyer gig which he hates. He eventually becomes a judge and possibly (not clearly stated) becomes judge supreme as well. 

Barney: His and Robin’s marriage fails or rather to quote him, “they had a very successful marriage for 3 years”. He goes around his life having a string of one night stands, until he gets a girl pregnant. His daughter becomes the love of his life, transforming him into a better man.

Robin: Becomes a highly successful news anchor (the reason why he moved to NY) but this work makes her travel so much that she fails to even be there for the big moments. She regrets not marrying Ted after seeing how happy he is with Tracy (the mother). She has her estrangement period from the gang but they eventually patch up when she finally turns up for Ted’s wedding.

Ted: Marries Tracy after having two kids with her and living with her for years. Six years after her death, he is telling this story to his kids. His faith in love is restored. 

For those who have seen the finale, I’m not giving up the ending on purpose. The thing is, the story is as important as the ending. You don’t undermine the story by changing the ending. The thing is, how it should have been is never really the question is it? This show wasn’t written by any of the viewers and however the story ended, it was a writer’s decision. It will always be the writer’s decision. Even though you are angry with them, you should respect it. This is how they wanted to end it.

For all those people (including myself) who were rooting for Robin and Barney for life, I can really say that maybe the writers didn’t feel that way. The question at the end of the day is, who is writing the story? If it is your story, you can always stop and decide this is where it ends. But it isn’t, and you have continued watching it till the end, why? The simplest answer is that you wanted someone else’s opinion on how it ends. So, have an opinion. Have your alternate endings. But honestly, it was never your decision to make. It isn’t your story, so you cannot decide how it ends. 


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