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TIL #3

Sadly, I am not really doing “Today I learnt” posts everyday mainly because I don’t quite learn something interesting everyday. Even though I did learn things like: Whatsapp wasn’t working for 4 hours (on Sunday, 23rd Feb) driving everyone crazy; Facebook shutting down their email service, these don’t seem things you write down in TIL post. So for today, I learnt something about people. People don’t like to leave their comfort zone and sometimes that is an inconvenience to everyone. Some of us might think, this person is annoying because they don’t want to leave their comfort zone. But then, aren’t you lucky that you can? There is this quote by Darwin,

“It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” 

Hence, what I learnt today is that I need to become adaptable to change and also, a little more understanding of those who are not. I like spontaneity and unexpected twists and turns but sometimes I forget that there is beauty is harmony and symmetry as well. I just wanted to remind myself of that today. 🙂


TIL #2

Today I learnt a few things:
1. Displaced anger does not help anyone: You should never displace your anger onto those who are not at fault.

2. You cannot always want what others have because if you do, you never really enjoy what you have the fortune of having. True happiness comes only when envy disappear. As long as you think someone has gotten a sweeter deal in life than you, you can never truly be happy.

3. All human beings are bursting with potential and power like nothing other. It’s a shame that we sometimes forget that.

So yes, I didn’t learn anything scientifically relevant today, but this is at least something. Cheers!

TIL #1

So, here goes my first today I learned post. So, let’s do two things I learned today (1 fact and 1 divine epiphany[I have those quite often]):

Fact- Facebook is buying WhatsApp for 16B$. Okay so, maybe this is just news that I’m giving you but you know. The reason why I’m putting this in, is because I’m trying to understand business/company strategies. I mean Facebook is a pretty big company. Acquiring Whatsapp (which is almost as big) feels unconventional on some level. My only concern is about data safety and advertisements. For a while now, Facebook has ads, I am concerned that Whatsapp might soon as well. Another less interesting fact/news is that I just saw the promotion videos for Samsung gear(watch) where it’s been called the “next big thing”. So… maybe yes. I’m sure it’s a nice toy, but what other features does it have other than being over publicized in movies and as a result, being cool. I’m still waiting to be convinced by Samsung.

Thought of the day: So, my divine realization of the day is about food. You know, I really like a quote by Spike in Buffy the vampire slayer where he says, “Love isn’t brains children, it’s blood. Blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love’s bitch, but at least I’m man enough to admit it” Oh I quoted this, cos I realize that blood is vampire’s food. Also, I love the quote. So, for food today, I was famished. And I went to a new place and bought food. It was quite bland and opposite of my taste buds and I ate most of it without any complaint. The thing I realized was, that as long as it was some food, I would have eaten it. That made me realize that all the time I spend thinking about good food, are the times when I don’t quite need food and even though, I’m somewhat of a foodie, I feel now that I might just be wasting my time.

Anyhow so those are pretty much about what I learned today. I will be back writing on what I will learn tomorrow.