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What are lies?

I know I might have written a similar post before on this blog, I am not sure, but I have written a few posts called lessons learnt in life out of which there is a post about how I figured that lying is not bad and that people lie through their teeth. It is odd that that phrase exists also, “lie through their teeth”, I am no ‘Fry and Laurie’ but come on, if you try to do it (try speaking through your teeth, what’s the image in your head, in my mine it is this

Oh but this post is not exactly like the old one, I am sorry but I find the concept of lying fascinating. Like I completely agree with Dr. House that “Everybody Lies”. I read this phrase somewhere that “Honest people are just good liars whose lies are never caught”. Is that really true? Then are there no people who don’t cheat in tests, people who are loyal, and people who are honest. This quote is probably written by some cynical idiot but is this person very far from the truth. 

Lets look at lies this way. We all have something that we are too ashamed to share with other people in the world (might be random people/ friends/ family/ partner). These things might be some odd sexual fascination or hiding out sexual activity from family or financial troubles u don’t feel comfortable sharing with friends or a fairly embarrassing thing you might have done in college that you would prefer not telling people. Are these lies or just coping mechanisms? Do we not tell people things because we are afraid of their judgement of us or are we just trying to forget the things we do as we know they do not point to the right direction in our moral compass? *

Between these two I think the reason we hide is because we really don’t want to think about the horrible things we do, even the horrible things we do enjoy. Being ashamed is worse or being judged? Honestly I think it is being judged when you are ashamed and I think that’s why we lie. Lying is so intuitive humans since we start telling our kids about bees and birds or tell them about where people go after they die. Of course as we grow older we learn it is acceptable to lie. The only thing no one ever teaches us is that where is the line? Till what point is it okay to lie, and about what things? No one can really say as I said it is everyone’s own perception. Some of us are comfortable of talking to strangers and lying to friends and some others would lie to everyone but their friends. I cannot decide that someone’s lie is better than someone else’s truth.. I am not to be a judge of that. 

To sum it all, lies are not complicated things, though our brainwaves would probably say that they are, they are very well ingrained into our being as we time and again lie about every little thing so all we should try and do once in a while is just decide to be truthful to one person at least so that our true sanity is preserved and we can really know ourselves. If you repeat lies too often, it would seem like the truth to you, so maybe just lie about things you would like to modify the truth of, because if you don’t like a truth doesn’t mean it isn’t a truth but covering it with a lie enough times might fool your memory in the least. So lie well but not to your own self. Goodnight. **

*One of these days I am going to discuss the moral compass, we all have one. Like for example, many of us would think casual sex is wrong but some would be okay with it if it is not with a committed person, some others would be okay with it if you don’t know the person, or a few would be most comfortable with it if it was like a “friends with benefits” situation but really, which is the good way? I wonder.. we would discuss this sometime, i find different moral compasses really interesting..

** I live in the east, so for me night is before other people’s night.. 😛