Frozen: A story for all

I recently saw Frozen and I regret not seeing it in the theaters but sitting at home cuddled up in a blanket with a bowl of popcorn is not a completely bad way to enjoy a movie on a cold winter night. So, for those who haven’t seen it there might be spoilers here so you might want to cover your eyes. Those who don’t know, this movie is made by the makers of the movie Tangled which is probably the best possible adaptation of Rapunzel. Frozen is loosely adapted by the story, “Snow Queen”. 

Frozen is a Disney movie because:

The songs: In the 102 minute run of the movie, there are about 8 or 9 tracks with music and lyrics. The movie opens with a song and of course there is one in the end credits. Every character in this story has a song of their own. The songs are express all emotions and the characters sing them with a gusto like no other. 

The idea of true love: The film explores the idea of true love from the beginning. It oversimplifies love and the naivety that follows with it. 

The talking non-living: If you have happened to see the trailer, you already know there is a talking snowman. We all know that snowmen don’t talk. It would probably be scary and creepy if they did. But, who doesn’t enjoy a cute talking snowman with a brilliant song to his name? 

Castles, mountains, horses and noblemen: Most Disney movies compose of prince/princesses living in castles and about their lives. This one is no exception.

The unexpected expected villain: The villain is the someone you trust and yet expect to turn out to be a villain just because it is a Disney movie. 

Magic: What is a Disney movie without some magic? 

Now let me get to the more interested bits of the why this is not like all the Disney movies you do see:

Princess not cured by the kiss of true love : In most fairy tales, much like this one, a princess is cured by the kiss of true love. This one explores the varied meaning of true love and our perception of it. 

The not so handsome prince : Even in beauty and the beast, the beast turns into a prince but this movie doesn’t have a prince but the main male lead is a funny,intelligent, resourceful and respectful man who is a humble ice carrier with a sledge. The movie explores how the character of man is not defined by his title but by his actions.

The headstrong and determined princesses: The best part is there isn’t one heroine in this story, there are two. Two princesses trying to find their stand in the world. It is about self exploration and finding a place in the world. It is about the courage and strength one needs to defy societal norms and making your own way. 

The voices, the characters, the story and direction are all very well done, but personally my favourite is the music in the movie. It is apt and quite brilliant. The movie explores the magic that human beings themselves create. It has something for every age group, for every boy and girl, and if you like animated movies, you should definitely watch this. 


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