One of the most desirable thing in a person is said to be their sense of humour. I started wondering what humour means to people and why is sense of humour such a desirable trait. So, here is a list of five things I think people really don’t know about humour:

5. Humour is personal: This is means that it is context based or situation based. You often hear things like, you had to be there to get it (understand). It depends on the audience and on the relationship between the audience and the speaker. Also, there are always things like private jokes which help enhance interpersonal relationships.

4. Humour is character relevant: What would suit one person might not suit another. For example, if you make fun of your own culture it is acceptable form of humour but not about someone else’s. Also, some people just know how to tell the same joke better.

3. Humour is not spoiler proof: There is a thing called spoilers when it comes to humour. Jokes are not funny once you have heard them or if you can guess what the punchline will be.

2. Humour is an art: Having a sense of humour is a skill you develop by noticing what people find funny and what they don’t. So, fret not, if you don’t have a sense of humour (in your opinion) you can always develop it. You need to be lighthearted and willing to learn.

And most importantly,

1. Humour (by intention) should be non-offensive: People with good sense of humour are not trying to criticise others when they make fun of them. Humour at the expense of other human beings is a common practice but the intention of the speaker should never be to offend.

I think humour is awesome and people should all learn to be lighthearted and not take jokes personally. On the other hand, people should also not make jokes with an intent to cause hurt. I will leave you with a joke I heard in a vlogbrothers video:

“Why did Barty Crouch Jr quit drinking?”

“It was making him MOODY”

If you don’t get it, then you haven’t read Harry Potter, which in my opinion a mistake you should go and rectify right now.


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