Things I hate about being a grown up

So, recently I saw this video on youtube by the vlogbrothers about “How to become an adult” and one of the questions that John Green raises in that particular video is about when do you know that you are an adult. What is the right age? I remember that there was a Lizzie McGuire episode where one of the main characters makes a documentary about when boys start feeling like men. So, yes grudgingly or not people grow up. Here are a list of 10 things I hate about being a grown up:

10. Doing your own laundry: Whether you have a washing machine or one in your building, or whether you are just taking it to the cleaners. It is a headache. You never realize that you are running out of clothes but then, suddenly you have to do your own laundry and you realize that unless you want to wear smelly clothes you might not have your favourite jeans available to go for a party. You also need to plan when to launder your bedding to make sure you don’t have to sleep without a blanket.

9. Buying groceries: Yes, I know this should be somewhere more on top. But buying groceries is not that annoying. If you have to go to the vegetable market and wander around looking for avocado (yes, that is annoying) but I think it is still pretty much an acceptable act to me.

8. Managing groceries: That definitely is more annoying than buying the groceries. You need to make sure that what you buy doesn’t expire the next day. For example, bread usually just lasts a couple of days. Buying bread means, you are planning the next few meals. It sucks, I know. PS- If you are not living alone, this might be less of an issue I think.

7. Dishwashing: So, it’s all great if you have a dishwasher at home. If not, this I think is one of the most annoying things. My advice is: cleaning gloves and hopefully warm water (in winters). Also another piece of advice, do not put off doing dishes until the next day (dishes just are harder to clean). Also, don’t start cleaning while cooking (that’s as stupid).

6. Carrying money/valuables: When you are younger you don’t need to worry about carrying money because your parents will always have enough to take care of everything. However, once you are older you need to be careful all the time. Always thinking about where you put your phone, your money, your credit cards and then going out feels like work.

5. Paying bills/rent: The most annoying thing about this isn’t that you need to pay your bill. More so is that you need to keep track of the ones you have paid versus the ones you haven’t. This gets more complicated if you have several credit cards. The best way to do this is: Keep a reminder every month(on repeat) to make sure your bills are paid. Also, try making electronic transactions so even if you don’t remember your bank account(s) will.

4. Organizing parties/meetups: So, it’s your best friend’s birthday. Their parents are not responsible for throwing a party (but someone has to be) so.. it is you. You need to keep track of everything. From food, decorations, cake, number of people attending and to top it all, a perfect gift. A perfect gift every year. Sigh. Okay, so this one might not be so much annoying, just stressful. 😛

3. Doctor visits/getting sick: So, you are older. You don’t know how exactly but you got sick in the middle of the day and at work. You can’t even walk. So, what can you do? You need to either call someone or you need to get out of your building, catch a cab and get to the nearest clinic. The latter is always going to be a pain.

2. Bank: Funny thing about banks is, they work during working hours which funnily are YOUR WORKING HOURS as well. So when can you go to the bank? Maybe quickly before work (if the bank is very close to work, or your working hours are flexible) or during lunch. So you waste your lunch hour (which is already short) to go to the bank, stand in a looooong line (cos everyone only have time during lunch) and then get whatever needs to be done. An advice to banks: Why can’t you stay open a little past ordinary working hours?

So now for the big one, the thing I hate the most about being grown up:

1. Making decisions: From the amount of salt to put into pasta to whether you need a doctor. All these decisions and no one to help you make them. Even the simple ones like what to have for lunch are painful to make. There is a concept in economy called opportunity cost which simply said means that the cost of your best choice is the benefits of your second best choice.

Being an adult is about being responsible. Responsible for your own actions. Even though I have stated here about the things I hate about being a grown up, there are things I do enjoy as well. I will put that in another post though. For now, I hope you find a way to be a kid in your own way. That’s what will get you through most days.

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