TIL #1

So, here goes my first today I learned post. So, let’s do two things I learned today (1 fact and 1 divine epiphany[I have those quite often]):

Fact- Facebook is buying WhatsApp for 16B$. Okay so, maybe this is just news that I’m giving you but you know. The reason why I’m putting this in, is because I’m trying to understand business/company strategies. I mean Facebook is a pretty big company. Acquiring Whatsapp (which is almost as big) feels unconventional on some level. My only concern is about data safety and advertisements. For a while now, Facebook has ads, I am concerned that Whatsapp might soon as well. Another less interesting fact/news is that I just saw the promotion videos for Samsung gear(watch) where it’s been called the “next big thing”. So… maybe yes. I’m sure it’s a nice toy, but what other features does it have other than being over publicized in movies and as a result, being cool. I’m still waiting to be convinced by Samsung.

Thought of the day: So, my divine realization of the day is about food. You know, I really like a quote by Spike in Buffy the vampire slayer where he says, “Love isn’t brains children, it’s blood. Blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love’s bitch, but at least I’m man enough to admit it” Oh I quoted this, cos I realize that blood is vampire’s food. Also, I love the quote. So, for food today, I was famished. And I went to a new place and bought food. It was quite bland and opposite of my taste buds and I ate most of it without any complaint. The thing I realized was, that as long as it was some food, I would have eaten it. That made me realize that all the time I spend thinking about good food, are the times when I don’t quite need food and even though, I’m somewhat of a foodie, I feel now that I might just be wasting my time.

Anyhow so those are pretty much about what I learned today. I will be back writing on what I will learn tomorrow.

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