Be more than social networks

The things that made you weird as a kid make you GREAT today

I have been inclined to persecute every single person who has led me to believe that I am wasting my life. It is true,I am wasting it. And the reason is not because I am working 10 hours/day on a job that brings me least amount of satisfaction. No, it is because I am not using the rest 14 hours of the day doing absolutely anything that could give me least bit of satisfaction.

In high school, college parties seemed fun and so did getting drunk and high. Those were at least fun things you thought you ought to do. In college, having your own apartment and earning your own money was an exciting possibility. Even shopping for groceries seemed motivational in life. The thing is, looking forward is the way of life. The only way of life should be looking forward. If you are young, and trying to look back thinking if it all makes sense, there is clearly something wrong.

If you don’t have skills, you learn them. It is still better than thinking why didn’t I learn how to play the piano when I was 8. You didn’t know you wanted to know how to play the piano. The funny part about life is, the only unacceptable and slowing down factor will be laziness. What if you decide you will not be lazy?

There are so many things(industries) in the world that are depending on your laziness to survive: television industry (the crappier shows), munchies (chips, cheese balls, all foods with no health value), instant foods and most importantly social networking. The question to ask yourself is: how many hours do you spend doing these things? When was the last time you didn’t spend time on these things but actually moved your ass to cook, meet actual friends, go to an event (not a movie), spent endless hours scrolling through your news feed on Facebook.

When you grow up, you primarily forget why you wanted to do it in the first place. It wasn’t about the fact that you wanted your mum off your back, neither was it so that you could watch endless tv shows one after the other all weekend long. No, the reason you wanted to grow up was so that you could go out on your own and discover the world. The question, therefore is simply are you really using your adulthood? When you get off work, do you go out and look around for interesting foods you could eat or do you simply go home and have another unhealthy instant noodle meal? You know you can very well cook yes?

I’m signing off with Steve Jobs famous quote,

Stay hungry, stay foolish.


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