Though you have found everything in life
If something still feels missing
I think it’s time to look inside
For the kid you have been hiding.
The one you promised you would buy
All the toys it wanted when you were older
But u spend all your time and money
On clothes, and shoes and some folder.
What about the water gun you wanted to play with
Or the little toy elephant you always wanted
What about those unsaid dreams
Of toys you always yearned for.
But as you grow old, you spend on hair products
And on face creams and what not
You forget about the games and toys
And all that once made you so happy.
Why do you do that, why subject yourself to old age
Youth and its foolishness is still just right there
Those times you wanted to spend having fun
Find a way to bring them back to you.
Alcohol and drugs and cigarettes are just getting you old
Maybe a day spent playing monopoly might make you rich
Or just jumping on a trampoline or playing with a toy train
Your inner child might be brought to life again.

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