On paper

How do you define a good human being?

I know a person.
A straight-A student.
Follows all the rules.
Non smoker.
Not drinker.
No drugs.
Moderately intelligent.

Does that make him/her a good person? This person is:
Full of him/herself.
Inconsiderate of others’ emotions.

And yet, the world will give him/her a crown and put them on the high pedestal and treat with reverence and respect. On paper, this person is completely wonderful and nothing can ever be wrong with them. But, think about it. There is no modesty, no humbleness and no consideration for others. How could this person be a good person? How can we as fellow human beings treat this person better than a person who lacks conforming on-paper qualities but is good at heart and humble and wise? But we do. We do treat these bastards better than people who are truly wonderful (not on paper, but otherwise).

As human beings, we tend to not forgive mistakes. We think that if someone is making wrong choices, they must be horrendous human beings. But being at 16, 22, 28, 40, 55 or even 80 and being able to admit to your wrong choices, accept them and moving on from them is what make you a good human being. Good human beings make mistake and learn from them. If you never made a mistake, you have never learnt anything new. If you have never smoked, or done weed, or had so much to drink that you passed out, you have never truly understood what it means to be young. (I am not advocating this behavior, I am merely stating that these particular afflictions DO NOT represent who you are, they are just some things you have done). Be kind to people. Because in turn, you want them to be kind to you.

Forgive people as they are nothing but fellow travelers in this journey you call life. Move on from your own mistakes as they do not reflect who you are. What you do about your mistake however does. Do not succumb to other’s mutterings as they are nothing but their own insecurities. Do not be rude, or inconsiderate because even your niceness might be the only good thing happening to someone that day. Remember always, that you are just another person trying to push the boundaries of your existence like so many others. Never feel alone. We are all in this together. Some of us will depart before the others, but trust me when I say this, all you need is to trust each other and be good to each other for your life to not suck.

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