Things I have learnt growing up.

1. Love is conditional.

Let me explain this clearly. You CAN condition love. People do so much for others     approval. Sadly, a lot of times the others are actually the people who love them. You     marry based on your parents approval. You hang out with people based on your partner’s approval. EVERYTHING you do, is probably for somebody’s approval or disapproval [for the more rebellious of souls]. There is no such thing is unconditional love.

2. Nobody wants to hear the truth

Oh yes, you hear questions like: Do I look fat? Am I stuck in a stupid job? Is my life going anywhere? Should I break up with him? Do not even slightly think of giving your opinion (your honest opinion). Just give them what they want to hear (if you want your relationships to exist even in the least. Even when they say they want to hear the truth, trust me. Nobody likes the truth. It is better left as fiction.

3. Reciprocation is the basis of everything

You do something for me, I do something for you. And both of us are happy. There is no place for unrequited affection, gifts, words, emails or anything. If somebody is not reciprocating, you are basically spam in your life. Harsh truth. Deal with it.

4. People have a habit of disappointing: DO NOT have any expectations

You think there would be one person who wouldn’t disappoint you. Oops sorry, that wouldn’t happen. If there is someone who hasn’t disappointed you yet, it will happen at some point unless you have no expectations of anybody. Kudos then.

5. Life is not fair

Heard these statements:
“She’s a bitch, I don’t even know why all guys are after her”
“He isn’t even good at his job, why is he always promoted?”
“She doesn’t even make so much, how does she buy all the expensive clothes?”

Don’t question things like this. No point really. Life is just not fair. Why somebody worse than you has better things than you is not a right statement to make. EvER. Feeling worse because someone else is better than you or happier than you is also kind of shameful. So, don’t. Don’t divulge in people’s happiness and misery. Basically block yourself off facebook.

I can write more but really what is the point of this morose talk. Learn your own lessons. Make your own mistakes. Just do yourself a favour, do not depend on people. I learnt it the hard way.

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