Harry Potter and his maker: A tribute to my greatest inspiration

I was about 11 when I started reading Harry Potter (maybe that’s not true, but it sounds better than way). So I was in my tweens when I started reading what came to be my favorite book of all times. I was swept off my feet and I was in love. I was still not sure of who I was (mind you, still not sure) but Harry Potter gave me doubt. It gave me patience to be doubtful. After I started reading it, seeing Harry go through every year with pain and loss and happiness I came to realize that you cannot eat the whole cake at one go. Everything takes its time to prosper, to grow, to become complete. The greatest gift anyone could ever give a teenager is patience. JK gave me that. She gave me hope and strength and courage in face of panic and discord. I would shudder to think about how my life would have been if I had never picked up that Harry Potter book.

I am not an encyclopedia of Harry Potter. I am not his greatest fan. You know why? I learnt as I grew up so closely with Harry that I do not need to be his greatest fan, I do not need to compete. I will always have Harry Potter closer to my heart that anything else. To me, I think that is more than enough. I do not play games on Pottermore. I do however own the Lego Harry potter game (just because it is brilliant). I know Harry Potter like I would know my best friend. When I was young I heard a quotation:

“Books are a man’s best friend”

I think there might be some truth to that quote. It is however unwise to “dwell on dreams and forget to live”. Like I was saying, I have learnt a lot from Harry Potter. From bravery and courage to loyalty and friendship. I listen to Harry Potter as well. In the voice of Jim Dale, the characters seem to come to life in front my eyes when I hear it. I do so, not because I do not have the time to read but sometimes I just like being read to. I can do my chores with it playing in my ears.

Okay, enough about me. Let me tell you a little of JK Rowling. She is brilliant. She brought to life a whole new world. She has got to be brilliant yes? Her brilliance however does not lie only in here vivid imagination and storytelling. She understands an eleven year old child. That is what is so brilliant about her. She understood a scared orphan eleven year old boy who was abused by his relatives living in the cupboard under the stairs. She made the character grow. It was almost like magic. “When you are older, you forget what it is to be young” but the beauty of this whole series is that she could give life to an old, really old headmaster who knew everything, an orphaned eleven year old boy who knew nothing and on the brink of discovery and a man who loved inspite of all that was dark about him. That is the rise of an author. Her greatest and most inexplicable gift to her readers.

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