If I told you that you had a whole day to yourself and no one expected you to do anything, what would you do? I will tell you what people will answer: 

1. I will catch up on reading.

2. I will go out and meet friends for lunch/dinner. 

3. I will hang out with people all day. 

4. I will clean my house and do my grocery shopping. 

5. I will pay my bills and finish my laundry. 

6. I will look up online courses to enroll it.. 

The list of creative ideas are long and tiring. Everyone wants to do everything with their free time yes? But do we really? I usually just sit at home all day watching sitcoms or sci-fi shows and thinking to myself, I should be out more often. Yes, that is exactly my thoughts. I should go out more often. I do not even leave the house for anything. The amount of time we spend planning what all you can do with a free day, the fact that you spend it doing nothing is sort of dismaying. I am upset that there is nothing I want to do in my free time and yet I demand free time. Isn’t that funny? I do not want to talk to people. I do not want to shop. I do not want to even shower. Laziness, is really the worst. 

My mother always says, that if you are lazy, you do nothing. That’s exactly what I do, I guess. I need to learn how to be less lazy. Less lazy only for myself. Over the years, I have become severely more lazy. 

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