Small things

She had been angry with him. It had been a long day, and he was busy in his own world not even replying to messages. They had planned to meet for lunch but now that she thought of it, she really didn’t want to.

As it got nearer to lunch time, he messaged saying to meet at the train station. She slowly walked to the station, with thoughts filled with anger. She was going to tell him off this time. This is no way to treat a girl. How the hell did guys get away with things like this? She kept thinking and slowly walking. Determined to have a fight, she walked steadily down to the underground train station. She was smiling now, she always did before she met him. Damnit, how did the thought of meeting him sent shiver of excitement in her she never understood. This was the man who took her for granted all the time. And yet, she felt her heart soaring as she saw him walking with a smile towards her. It was going to be impossible to be angry with him now. He was carrying his bag pack as usual (he had to go and work after) and also a packet in his hand.

He walked up to her and said quietly:
“I made you pasta”

She was too stunned to say anything for a while, then words rose to her:
“You did what??”

“I made you pasta”, he repeated a little disconcertedly. “Let’s go find a nice shaded place to eat this in”

They walked slowly towards a little park and she was smiling to herself. So, she had been wrong when she thought he was ignoring her. She felt slightly guilty and looked up to him. He gave her a small smile, and she just smiled back. Once in a while, he did seemed to get some things right. That is why he was her best friend and she knew she wouldn’t find a better one.


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