Anger is supposed to be highly toxic (like jealousy) and injurious to health. Well known causes of hypertension, high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes and what not. There are a million things you are taught in order to learn how to control your anger. What are the causes of anger? Why do people ever get angry?

In my opinion, anger is a form of ill-adjustment to your environment. Meaning, if the world does not work according to your whim, it is bound to create a surge of emotion in you. Namely anger, grief and frustration. This however is not the most common reason for people’s anger as I believe most people are angry at each other than at the world in general. So if people don’t act the way you want or expect them to, it causes unrest inside you and you explode like a volcano once in a while. However, anger is also deemed as a correct response in certain situations. If the government did not act upon a bill to save its citizens, they are expected to be angry. If you hear about rape, murder, robbery and other wrongdoings the correct response to all these is anger. It is funny how you are taught to curb and also display anger. This is I guess what humans have called civilization. I am not passing a judgement on it. You should learn how to excavate anger. It is such a useful emotion in my opinion.

If you get angry enough, you are filled with such hormones that if harnessed correctly, it would lead to wonderful things. Innovations. (A really odd example would be make-up sex.) Anyways, like I was saying if you could channel anger such that you can use it not shouting at people but actually in self development and upbringing, imagine how much you can achieve. Every time you get criticized, if you could use it to become better. Use it as an opportunity rather than disappointment imagine the amount of corrections that could be made and perfections that could be achieved.

Completely honest though, that’s bullshit. You will never be motivated if you are angry. But that’s what they should teach you. Not that you should respect people even when they make you furious but that you should ignore people when they do so. Trust only yourself and prove their F-ing self wrong.

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