I was reading about programming design patterns when I came across the word “singleton”. Funny thing is, it refers to different things. Not just a design pattern. So here is something about singletons:

Singleton programming: this design pattern seems to exist when only one object of a class is defined. For example, suppose there was a class called vehicles (including all kinds of vehicles) and you create only a car to do all kinds of work. From transporting people from one place to another, to carrying goods and doing everything that any vehicle could do. Though this is more wrong as car itself is also a class. Think like, you have a BMW and you use one BMW for all your travels. Throughout your lifespan. Similarly one object is created and used throughout the program run.

I find it highly interesting because all a singleton means is one being capable of doing and handling everything. This is a wrong strategy maybe as is like dictatorship as one has too much power but then you know, it happens.

Singleton (mathematics): A singleton in math is a set with only a single element.

Singleton(lifestyle): Apparently a term coined after Bridget jones diary series as a lifestyle of a single woman in her thirties.

So now, singletons have mixed connotations. But it is basically one thing. A single variable or person. Now singularity is supreme though. Singularly (physics) refers to a point where gravity is infinite such that coordinate systems don’t matter anymore. Theoretically, the center of all black holes are singularities.

These two words are so similar and still singletons sounds like lonely while singularity sounds supreme or maybe it is just me. Anyway, I might be slightly wrong in my explanations. Please go ahead and wiki all this stuff. Singularities in my opinion are highly interesting. Also there is something called technological singularity which is a theoretical emergence of super intelligence by technological means (not really sure what they mean).


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