Weekends, workdays and holidays

I keep thinking about work, what inspires you to do it other than the monetary after effects (I like to call it after effects rather than gain, cos u lose time and energy to gain money and skill). It is like school,except that the failure repercussions are much worse. I just keep thinking about something my teacher told me years ago, “you spend half your life at work, you might as well be enjoying it.” If you are not enjoying your work, if you can’t wait to get home and if you feel like there is nothing driving you other than the fact that you will be homeless if you didn’t do this then you are doing it all wrong. You are in the wrong job and honestly probably working for all the wrong reasons. I see people at work. They all follow different rules. Some come in early in the morning and work late, some come early and leave early, some come late and leave early, some come late and leave late. All these permutations exist here. All around us and what I fail to understand is which is the category of people who really like to work. Work like studying is hard. It has less rewards than suffering and less appreciation than condescendation (yes, I made a word). What we do here, in this life is for some gain. But truly all you really need to ask you is what gain do you want?

I was thinking that every time I go home I don’t want to leave. I live for the time I spend at home, for the time I waste in nonsensical things. The problem is, when I am dying what is going to matter to me? The 1 month in the year that I spent with my family or the 11 months I spent rotting and complaining in my job. The sad thing is, both are important and none can be ignored. Maybe not all of us have a passion. It surely does not mean we don’t have an opinion. Think clearly, do you want money? Do you want fame? Power? Friends? Family? I am not saying you can’t have it all. I just want to insist that you need to know what you want the most. So like I was saying I keep thinking about when I get to go back home next and I think it means something is clearly wrong with my life. If there is nothing around you that you truly, actually, fervently enjoy, maybe it is time to move away from this life and get some perceptive on it. Try new things and meet new people.

You live only once, like they say. Try making the most of it. Or so I should at least.


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