Everyone wants to be immortal. Whatever anyone might say, you want to live forever. The problem is, that the average human lifespan is about 80 years or so in which case life is going to end eventually. Now think about the cloud. I mean the cyber cloud, not the one in the sky. Cloud where currently everything resides. There are millions of people who are putting all their data up on a drive in the cloud so as never to lose it. Cloud space then I keep wondering, is it infinite?

Internet space, databases up there in the cloud storing billions of people’s information. From their facebook profiles, linkedin, twitter accounts (and God knows what not) to their data from google drive, dropbox etc and not just that. There are blogposts and websites that people host all the time. The idea I have is whether we are actually immortal through all these profiles or will we be overwritten due to lack of space hundred years into the future? When in doubt, ask google. So that’s what I did. I found this:

It talks about different services and how they handle inactive profiles and stuff. I was thinking on a different line though. For example, most profiles online are non-transferable which means you cannot ask someone else to use your twitter under a different name. So once you are dead. You are you know, DEAD. What if though, like making a generic computer software you could somehow create generic accounts. Assuming Facebook is still around in 200 years (doubt it) but based on that assumption how would you want you achieve cloud immortality.

One simple way is to pass on your id and password to your next generations and hope they would update it continuously. Somehow if you could have a group account (meaning, transferable accounts) you could easily transfer it to your kins and everyone could have an online genealogy (Brilliant idea, eh?). To point out the obvious, that this won’t work I have another solution of saving your cloud identity forever. This though in fact has to come from Facebook’s side (or other services) side. Suppose you are dead for 50 years (you have not logged into your profile for 50 years) or any set limit really Facebook can:

1. Turn your profile into a page. Pick out your timeline info and present it on the page. Delete everything else. Just keep the five most popular pictures in your account and the most important life events (example, wedding, birth of child etc). What if a database could construct that for you and then nobody ever has to be dead? It would be a global database of all information. Delete your random doings of the day. It will not matter when you have been dead for years. But if somehow you could be preserved than thrown away. Wouldn’t that be brilliant?

2. I really don’t have a clue. I will be immortal (going to search for a philosopher’s stone)

See you later alligators..

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