This is a really short post. What makes us think that we are or should be important to others?
1. They are important to us: This is one of the craziest and foolish thought processes human beings exhibit. Just because someone alis important to you does not imply in any way that you must be important to them. In the good cases, it would be true. Many a times though, it isnt. For example, you might have only one friend but that friend might have several friends other than you. No, it does not decrease your importance but it does affect the time spent giving you importance.
2. We were important to them. People change, deal with it. Just because two people were the world to each other does not mean that fact would remain the same. People, their feelings and your feelings all are subject to change.

Now dont take this to your heart, and start doubting everyone who loves you. Indeed people love you and care for you. And those people will show it to you in their actions. They will stand with you even when they are pissed at you. They would be sad at your losses and smile at your success. Hold on to those people, you are lucky to have them 🙂

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