“I’m standing on a bridge

I’m waiting in the dark

I thought that you’d be here by now”

So, like I always do, I realized something. One of these days, someone is going to tell me, “Shut up with you and your realizations. Nobody cares”. Until then, it is a free world (or at least most of it). [Okay, maybe none of it is free, but let’s go on with my realization for now.] Yes, people are loved. From the most popular guy/girl in class to the highly popular people in an office environment. Some people are always loved. I just wonder what makes the gap between them and me. I have never been popular, never been good at making friends and never been loved. Nobody bothers doing anything for my birthday or when I am bored or when I am anything. I am background noise. So from one background noise to the rest of the world. What makes you loved? 

I started thinking of this because I have an acquaintance for whose birthday people are bringing balloons, hookas, customized shirts, glowsticks, organizing surprise party and what not. He is a great guy. I admit he is. I don’t know him so well and don’t really care about knowing him. It is like I have always had the eyes on the prize. The people I want to be friends with, the people I want to know, the people who are screwed up and unique. This guy is smart, sexy, intelligent, great with people. To me, he is a little intimidating. Maybe that’s why I am not friends with him. He understands human mind and its workings without actually trying and that is the scary part. For most people I can fool, the ones who listen and see I cannot.

So what makes him loved? Didn’t I just list all his good qualities? I will like to add one cherry on the top of that. He is in a committed relationship. Yes, I think people in relationships are respected more. More people are comfortable around them. They are just liked a little better(1). People who like to party are liked a little better than people who don’t (2). People who do not study all the time are also liked a little better (3). People who are humble about their knowledge are also respected more (4). Humorous people, non-judgmental people, (sadly) gossiping people are all like better than their opposite undesirable behaviors (5). What else I started to think make people loved? Extroverts are more happier and loved than their introvert counterparts (6). Compassionate, kind and sensitive people also have a huge demand (7). Most importantly though, people who know how to make friends with the loved people (8). Like attracts like at the end of the day. So, keeping magnetism aside. Positive does not attract negative. So now, what is the most important lesson I have learnt by my less-than-relevant analysis. Be an extrovert, get along with people, leave your ego aside and find someone like yourself to date and then you will be loved.

AW shit, I am screwed for life, aren’t i?


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