A little something

If I were to tell you a tale
Would you believe me I wonder?
A tale of people, of places, of things
A tale of joy, of sorrow, of pain.
Would you believe me if I questioned
The very essence of humanity’s stand
Would you believe me if I asked
If one should live or die?
I look around and people are defined
By things, by feeling, by places they stand
Divided by religion, emotions and thoughts,
We pretend to be one in all
And cruelty we show in times of desperate kindness
We are nothing more than animals.
Would you believe me if I told you
The horrors that you commit and ignore
Would you believe if I told you
Nothing could you be done of this world.
Would you pick up the pieces
Of all that is lost and burnt
Would you still try to recover
The ashes of the long gone beings.
Would you consider for a minute
The pain of another soul
Would you even think of those ideals
That you threw out of my door.
Does really morality and goodness leave
When you decide to step out
When was the last time you thought
Of attaining spiritual enlightenment.
Forget and forget until you remember,
Those words you learnt when you were younger
Ideals that you lost growing up older
The souls you hurt stepping one step further.
I wonder how long this thought would last
In your head for a second or sparse
I don’t really care anymore
I can’t find my soul once more.


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