Dynamics of social interaction: How human beings get bored

I was thinking about human relationships. Be it any: romantic or platonic. Every relationship has a run, or rather no relationship can stay the same and prosper. I was just thinking about how your friends change depending on your status in life (not financially so much but moreover proximity). Or emotional state or you can call it life state. That is why AA exists or other such groups. Like attracts like. Not saying that like repels unlike. But there is always something common to bring to people together. Mothers with kids of the same age or going to the same school end up being friends. How does that happen? Just by the mere coincidence of their children being in the same school. Isn’t that weird?

And come on, you will know some friend who moved cities and then you just didn’t remain as important to them. Like when you left high school, didn’t you promise yourself you will be friends forever but how often does the “FRIENDS” situation happen in life? When your college roommate and best friend is still your best friend 20 years later. Rarely yes. I was just thinking, why we find new friends? Or rather, why sometimes we stick to the old ones? What makes any relationship click when most fail? I thought of giving examples of people but don’t feel like it. Let me tell you something else though. Don’t take your friends too seriously. Chances are, they will drift away. One thing I have realized growing up is, don’t take anyone too seriously. No body in your life is constant. What the fuck yes? But I keep thinking. How come that none of the people I adored in school and talked for hours, we don’t even talk for minutes in a day anymore. Not even a hello on whatsapp. What is wrong with me or them? I think on some level, they live in different places and their lives have changed. Then, I think of people who went to the same school but were not friends and then suddenly, somehow ended up meeting in college or at work and suddenly their lives made sense together. How do relationships fall together and apart?

I keep wondering. Honestly, I do not have an answer. I keep thinking, my current friends won’t be there in 5 years with me. Like, my best friends would get married and have a different life. Would they really share their opinion with me? What do I have in common with them to keep us together for life? Absolutely nothing. School ends and so does so many things.

I do not have much time to keep thinking of this now, or rather I have too much of things on my mind, which I need to clear up. But just think about it. Name your friends. Even though there have been like 1 or 2. Name them. And think about it, why haven’t none of them lasted or why some of them have? What is it that makes something click or not? I do not have any friends that know my life now that I went to school with, it makes me sad. I want to understand how to make relationships last? I do not want to lose any more of my friends. If you know, please tell me!!

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