The good, bad and wonderful

I often wonder what is the relationship between your life and you. More specifically, life and your reactions to it or emotion towards it. I often see people happy, but when I talk to them they complain about taxes, kids, jobs and even life. I don’t quite understand, how is someone whose life looks perfectly good from far off complain about things. Maybe we are all dealing with FWP (First world problems). Let’s just name a few of those of you to get what I mean: “My internet speed is too low”, “my phone charger is broken (I need to tell everyone on Facebook this)”, “i got hammered last night, so now my head hurts”, “My boyfriend/girlfriend is away on weekend and I have nothing to do”, “It is late, pizza hut won’t deliver now” and many more of those. I often wonder if my problems or most problems of people these days actually have any life changing consequence. I cannot feel comfortable around the people who make an issue out of everything in life, they need to CALM the FUCK down and think how petty they sound. Even in their head. I admit, if your partner is ignoring you, it is bad. If your boss is out to screw your life, it is bad. If you are lonely in a new town, yes it sucks. These are all human situations which people should make a fuss about. 

Appreciate the good, show it off. Say it out. You might think it will be jinxed, but really, there would be bad times in your new job or bad days in relationships or even horrible hair days. That’s life. Oscillating between the good, bad and wonderful. You know why I don’t call life, the good bad and horrible? I would like to believe that people are more than complains. If you can go to bed with a thought of anything good in your life, you have it pretty okay. Okay, now I sound like a saint or something. Screw it, don’t listen to me. 

Go party! Kick some ass! Break a LEG! Always encourage yourself, and just sometimes give yourself a break 😉 

Here is a song I really like: 

Life goes on -Noah and the Whale 

Listen to it and just be happy! 🙂 

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