How to use your phone as spectacles

I did a little experiment today because I have been really this Horrible Sciences book on experiments and I was inspired.This experiment will be called:

“How to gain vision when you don’t have your glasses”

The situation: I wear glasses. I have worn them since the 7th grade so you must understand that my vision is really bad. So let’s just say I lost my glasses, and I can’t find them without my glasses.

Possible solutions:

So I have two option, either I can always keep a spare pair of glasses on hand or I can use my cell phone (assuming I have a camera in my phone).

Use your phone: So my glasses are too far away for my eyes to see them clearly (condition called myopia which I am a bad case of) then I take out my phone and bring the glasses closer (and clearer) to me through my phone camera image.

Why it works: You can adjust the distance of your phone to your eyes even though you cannot actually change the distance to other objects. So, just launch the camera in your phone, and the world will be slightly clear and you might be able to find your glasses (like I did).

The Science behind: Not really sure what the science behind this would be, but as for myopic people, your eye lens’ focal length has altered. And as a camera is nothing but a lens you can use that lens to sort of fix your problem enough to at least find your glasses.

Disclaimer: Do not blame me if it doesn’t work as it depends on a number of factors: 1. Your eyesight condition 2. Your phone’s camera (pixel density and stuff) 3. Environment factors: lighting in your room and other things

P.S.: I can assure you, the image in the camera won’t be better than your eyesight with glasses on(you know your eyes are probably better than a high end DSLR camera, don’t you?)

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