The find

When you think about it, what is your biggest find? Your biggest discovery? I just started thinking about it and I couldn’t help but think of all the physics concepts I had learnt in school, the calculus, the history, the books I had read, but none of them seem to be big enough or none of it has left me awed. I think physics is wonderful, relativity is awesome and believe me there are concepts in software development that are brilliant. I believe though, my greatest find in my life has been my boxes of cereal. I know it sounds really really lame. Maybe I am lame, but let me explain you why I think that no human being, no physics concept or no art has ever been my greatest find and why some simple boxes of cereal are.

So, I don’t remember when I first learnt about the nature of light, or kinematics for that matter, but none of it ever awed me. I thought it was wonderful, it made sense. The world made sense, but all of this I have thought in retrospect. Now that I understand kinematics, and I know about nature of light and I know calculus I can say, yes the things you can apply it to, and way it simply explains the universe is in fact remarkable. As a 6th grader though I’m sure all I ever cared about was getting a mark greater than 80%. My motivation was so much different back then, that my priority to understand what reflection of light meant, was pretty low.

Next, I would like to tell you about human beings. As I have said they are fascinating and they surprise you all the time in good and bad ways. I love to talk to people. I love finding out where their motivations and passions lie. I always want to know their breaking points. I like knowing people inside out. I know the power of an idea, like they say in Inception which by the way is a great movie. But human beings do not count as my greatest find, as I am human. I am still looking for myself. Exploring my interests and trying to find my way in this world. I would be doing this until the day I die, so maybe in retrospect on my deathbed I myself might be my greatest find, but right now human beings are just interesting. Maybe when I fall in love and find the perfect person, that would be my greatest find but for now, no human being in particular can be called my greatest find.

Let’s get to my actual find now, the boxes of cereal I love. I adore cereal. Literally. I buy many kinds of cereal, I buy “Post“, “Special K“, “Kellogg’s” and I have even bought the rice crispies. They are all brilliant. My favorite though is “Oats and honey special K” but I love them all. So, why are they my biggest find? Since I started living on my own, my constant food companion has been my box of cereal. To me, when I eat cereal I get surprised, and enthralled and delighted at the same time. It is the most unique and precious feeling I get. I feel as if, I am independent, I am capable and I can do anything I want. A box of cereal makes me feel this way, isn’t that amazing? Not a man, but a box of cereal. It surprises me that it can make me feel this way. I feel contended and at ease and somehow less lonely when I eat cereal. I enjoy being by myself when I have cereal. All weekends I have cereal like 2-3 times because it makes me feel better in life. I know it sounds stupid. Highly. But cereal to me is comfort food, and it is not just comforting it is also adventurous. It can be crunchy and crispy and something chewy and sometimes when you leave it in the milk for too long, soggy. That’s the beauty of it, I can never quite recreate a cereal experience and that is why it is my greatest find. Think about yours, what is your greatest find?

It is like they say about marriage, to keep it going you need to keep falling in love with the same person. To me, I am committed to my cereal. I fall in love with it each time I eat it and nothing makes me feel this way.

P.S. If you think, I sound like a nut. Join the club, I think so too.

P.S.S. I forgot to mention another one of my favorites, Quaker Oats.

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