The difference between content and vocabulary

I have seen not less than 365 online memes in the past year(at least one per day) on Grammar. From the very popular Grammar Nazi videos to really mundane memes on the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. To be really honest, I am sick of it. The thing is the people on the internet have nothing better to do. What I mean is that, their sense of self worth has come down to correcting random stranger’s grammar. If someone who writes 2 for ‘to’, 4 for ‘for’ and ‘bd’ for ‘birthday’, they really do not have the right to comment on people who write you’re instead of your.
Having the appropriate grammatical tools is necessary but I am sorry to tell all the annoying people who keep spamming my Facebook, that f**king content is much more necessary.
Just because you know how to abuse in a 100 languages correctly, doesn’t mean you are not abusing. And grammatically speaking isn’t it wrong (or so the GRE and SATs test makers say) to use contractions like ‘you’re’. If you are too bored, go teach grammatically correct English to kids who are still learning.
I was thinking about content like I said. If what you are saying is useless information to me, I will not read it even if you adorn it with the most captivating language. I have come to realise that content is like the insides of a lasagna and the vocabulary is the outer cheesy layer. Even though the cheesy layer looks fantastic, if the insides are horrible you will get a stomach infection. People you cannot just believe that being grammatically correct would help you in any way to replace the horrendous content of your work. Being right is good, constructive criticism is good, but being the jerk who corrects others just because you can doesn’t make you an editor (unless that’s your job), it just makes you a dumbass.

P.S. This is not a personal rant exactly, I was just thinking of all the people who don’t know how to make sense and they still keep correcting others. Sigh. I feel bad for them, because they are full of shit. Also, I feel bad for the people who have to hear these idiots.

P.S.S. I am not an English teacher, I do not know much about Grammar, but what I do know is to me personally content is slightly more important than vocabulary.


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