The fear

Being a single woman is scary. I think being single is scary. Being alone is scary. Somehow recently I have come to realize the fear of being a single woman. The biggest fear are the men. Men are like predators (or so I have gotten the impression). It doesn’t matter what your status is in society, there are the men who treat women with no respect. Just general courtesy is missing I understand from their behavior. Today morning, I was walking out of my apartment and I noticed this woman walking in front on me. She lives in an apartment on my floor but I don’t know her. I saw this man on the pavement who looked at her with creepy eyes and a odd smile on his face. I felt like violated. I am not a feminist, but I feel that women should not be treated as objects. There are smart, intelligent and successful women in the world. They already suffer from the pains of being a woman (and believe me it is not easy). On top of that, the men in this society do not help the situation at all. Forget about all the general misconceptions, the least that could be done is to stop harassing the women who take a stand and go out in the world.

I hear about women who get raped, molested and harassed. I am always shocked by how pathetic men are. Sometimes I feel is there a way out of this mess? Recently, there was this much publicized rape case in India, where a woman was raped and beaten up by five men in a bus and then thrown out naked. She went through such trauma that she finally passed away fighting for her life. I shudder to even type this out. What kind of world are we creating? Making advances in technology, medicine and arts but somehow basic human values are nowhere to be found. A friend of mine told me you should carry some sort of defense weapon with yourself. I keep thinking as I walk the streets on my own sometimes late at night, that maybe I really should.

Recently I fear for all the women in the world who travel alone every day. I fear because I have come to realize you cannot trust men. It does not matter what nationality, what religion, where you are living. I have a feeling in the hearts of all women is a fear of what could happen to them and this fear has just been born out of instinct that they are women. I would like to hope that someday the men out there would stop being a threat to women. I really hope so.

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