Has our time passed?

I see all these people happy about having their someone special in their lives and I wonder if my time has passed. I am single. I have always been single and I can’t believe that my time has passed but what if it has. I was watching the farewell to Sex and the city (yes i have seen the show) but like i learnt something looking at that. I learnt that single women can be successful and happy. There is something more than men to drive them and I like knowing that but what if this happiness has closed doors to our love lives. What if all we ever are going to have is a career we love but not someone who will love us. 

I just keep thinking about people who settle for love, is it alright to do it? Maybe after a while that’s all you can do. Maybe after an age you can’t expect love from people, all people have had their adventure. All anyone really wants is to settle down and live. I had lunch with my boss and he told me he returned to his hometown to find a someone to marry. Apparently he realized that he couldn’t find love where he was and he thought it was time to return home and marry someone. I can’t help wonder if that’s a good enough reason to marry but what if your time is passing. I am of a female species and my biological clock is ticking. If I want to have kids, then should I settle? I keep thinking if I should settle, if we should all settle. What if settlement is just another form of love when your time is going past? Do everyone of us really get love? or do some of us are just meant to settle? 

I don’t know the answer but maybe it is all the crazy things I am feeling. I feel like if time even passes one should not settle, but maybe I am just young and stupid or maybe I just want to believe cos I want to believe there’s time for me. I am just tired right now of thinking about love. So, I won’t be writing for a while. Just cos if I did, I wont think of anything. Let’s just read. Toodles!


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