One great love

I am thinking about love right now. About passion, about kisses, about nicknames and cuddling. I am thinking about being in love. I am just thinking of it because it is almost spring and I hope the weather would change and there would a new light of something. Something fresh, something better, something beautiful. I am waiting, still waiting. As always. 

“We may only have tonight, 

Till the morning sun would rise, 

So let’s sing to the rhythm of love”

I was listening to this song and started thinking about one great love and how great loves are usually tragic. Every woman/girl has seen a quote saying, “There’s always that one person you will never completely get over”. What does that mean really? I can’t help wondering that what is the idea behind great love. How do you categorize as that being the great one and the rest normal? Moreover if there is a concept of great love, is there a concept of mundane or normal love? 

Okay, maybe my questions are very Carrie Bradshaw. I think that might have happened due to excessive watching of Sex and the City but really what I am trying to figure out here is, how people get over or claim to never get over. I think the hardest part of unrequited love is getting over it. It hurts and pains. It has all the stages of grief: denial, bargain, anger, depression, and acceptance. Every person you love or hope to spend your life with, when he/she is gone it hurts. It kills you. In some cases, you think about the happy times and smile. In some other cases, you block off the person completely and when visited by the idea of that person you push it away. So like i was saying. I have never been in love. I have though been in unrequited love. I am not a very agreeable person or a lovable person. Or that’s what I am guessing. 

I might like solitude. Who knows these things. All i am saying is, to me every time I had to get over someone it was painful. I can’t say any of them were my great loves (other than the current one) cos I got over them. But why do you need to be in love with someone forever for it to be great? The idea of great love is one that can give, submits and engulfs you completely. Something that takes every last strength in you and turns it into something powerful. The concept of great love should be completely accepting love. The love that would change you so much that you become a different person. A love that would teach and heal and would be complete on its own. Not an obsession but a relief. 

I have been in love thrice. I have gotten over two of them. One, I am still trying (fingers crossed). I think they were all of my great loves. I think if I love someone like I loved when I was 16, was great because it taught me to become something much better than I thought I could be. They all have evolved me, helped me, ruined me. I have been so so hurt but I will never say any of them meant any less to me. I don’t think there is one great love because I think you define the greatness of love. Only you can decide how many of your loves were great. I think for me, the n number I might get my heartbroken they would all be worth it. Because I do think, love is worth it. 

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