Screw ups

Have you tried to throw someone the perfect party? Do you remember when you tried to write the perfect letter? Remember that time, when you tried to dress perfectly? What happened then? Did perfection happen? 

I have a theory, perfection happens by mistake. It is a concept that is not possible to make-happen. It just happens sometimes, invariably by no effort or thinking is put into making it happen. Like, that perfect first dance you have, or that perfect kiss, or that perfect date or the perfectly worded essay you wrote. Do you remember the recipe to any of those things? Probably not. In my opinion, there is no recipe for perfection. You cannot force any event to be perfect, there are bound to screw ups. 

I decided to have a perfect day. Have lunch out with friends, go for a movie and then eat ice cream before getting back home. I had lunch with friends which my friends didn’t enjoy much. We didn’t get tickets to the movie and the ice cream shop was so crowded that we didn’t get any. We didn’t give up though. We went back home, watched a 45 minute TV show and had a fruity drink. That was pretty great as well. You cannot force perfection, because perfection is natural. 

Look at yourself. Your body parts. I mean human body parts. Everything is perfectly made (for most of us). Yes some of us are fat, some are thin. We all have problems with our appearances but forgetting them, if you think about the biology. We are pretty perfectly made. So are oranges, apples and roses. Natural things. All natural things are perfect because perfection is natural. (And yes, I do even mean the disasters) You cannot make it happen. 

Basically, I learnt today after wasting a lot of time writing a stupid 4-line email. I wanted it to be perfect. So, after I sent it I noticed basic grammatical errors. You may ask why they existed. I would say cos I was trying to make it perfect. Don’t focus so much about the end result. Focus more about the process and then it would turn out to be perfect. Sometimes its okay to take your eyes off the goal of perfection if it lets you enjoy for a while. 

For all the people who are trying to find their perfect person, stop trying so hard. Believe. Let go of your perfect ideology and just live. Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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