“Falling from cloud 9, 

Crashing from the high.. 

I’m letting go tonight, 

I’m falling from cloud 9..”

I’m sure that we have all been through that place in our lives. Nobody’s life is picture perfect. You work hard, you get something, or you don’t. Shit happens. And between all the broken hearts and all the lost causes, life happens. Life. Is it wonderful, miraculous or just plain heartbreaking? There are so many stories in our lives. So many incidents, so many moments. Yet we choose to remember only a multiple few. I cannot help but wonder when life is happening, do we realize that it is happening. Some scholar some day defined the term life. Very biologically speaking, life is the presence of heartbeat or rather the 4-5 functions that the human body can perform. The whole concept of mind, and thoughts and words and heart and soul and everything that probably we take for granted are just add-on features to the word “life” very strictly speaking. Without these, we would still be alive. We would be said to have a life. 

We take so much for granted that the fact that we can write words, understand them, miraculously our brain interprets audio/visual cues that you don’t just sit down and thank your self. We are all so unsatisfied with ourselves. We don’t like our faces, our body weight, the homes we live in are too small, our parents embarrass us, we don’t ever get satisfied with our lives and that is heartbreaking. To even, the poorest, ugliest and fattest of human beings it is still a gift to be human. I am not an optimist, I don’t think we should feel like our lives are perfect all the time because that means we are not motivated to bring anything better into our lives but once in a while, you can feel grateful for this life. It is a gift. Your life, your senses, your being, your thoughts. They are all yours. Just yours. Appreciate them. If you believe in a God, thank them for it. Just once in a while, when everything is horrible, manage to appreciate the fact that you have more than most other beings do. Intelligence, beauty, material goods are all man made concepts. I am not saying become a saint, just once in a while, don’t run after all of these. Face life head on. Life. Breathe. Realize that you can breathe. Be happy. Be contented. 

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