What if, there was no God

I am not talking about religion actually, I am talking about ‘God’, the concept that one over powerful being created all of us and controls the action of the people in the world. What if, all there is, is science?

I was born in a religious family, prayed every morning at school in the assembly and even had a tiny church in my school. I have been to all the house of religion. I have gone to churches, to mosques, to Hindu temples. I have been into them all and there is an atmosphere of faith and belief that is common in all of them. Religion is a lifestyle course I believe, but God as an entity has nothing to do with religion even though there’s a concept of a ‘superior being’ at the core of all religions. Religions are more about values and cultures and following customs, but then I wonder what God is all about? I try to use all my creative and not-so-creative imagination to paint a picture in my head of a world with no concept of God. I fail to do so and the fact that I can’t do it, scares me. I think that is God to me, fear. God is the fear that if I don’t do certain things, or do certain things, bad things would happen to me. I wonder, if there is no concept of love between human beings and ‘God’. I am not saying like in Greek Mythology(Demigods) but in actual real life, do we not love our creator? Do we only fear?

If yes, then why really? I wonder if anyone is ever free of fear then. I cannot help but wonder if all the human beings are is pretty petty and normal. What if, there is no such thing as great faith but only great fear. I do not know. I don’t have much faith but I do fear ‘God’, I think I fear Karma, or rather I believe that you cannot get good until you give. Is it a pathetic reason to be doing good though? Is it really sad that the only reason I would do anything good for anyone is because I am scared that bad would happen to me if I don’t? I do not know these answers and they bother me. What bothers me the most is whether there will be peace or chaos if there was no God. 

Funny thing is, I know what will happen. Nothing. Literally nothing. Because it doesn’t matter if God really exists or doesn’t, what is important is what people believe. If people believe that there is a God watching over their actions, they might not take a tow out of line, or maybe the poor people who have been promised angels in heaven wouldn’t be tempted by it if there was no concept of heaven. But does the actual fact that God exists makes a difference? The answer is NO. If everyone stops believing that there is a God, then that would make a difference. But, if there is no entity we spend hours praying to, who cares. It is ironic in a way to know that the fact that if there was no God, it wouldn’t matter until people actually believed it. Is this a sad thing? I do not know. As for if there ever was a maker, I would like to believe that human being do have a conscience higher than fear. 

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