There’s nobody like a mother

This is going to be a serious post dedicated especially to the woman who loves me the most in the world, my mother.. 

I think all mothers are different, but something about them is the same. They are blind to our faults. They are the only people who can love us blindly. My mum is not like that at all. My mother scolds me, annoys me, keeps shouting at me and fights with me all the time but nonetheless she loves me even when no one else can and she misses me when I am not around. 

But this post is not about my mother, it is about mothers. There is a famous proverb in Islam that says: “Heaven lies under the feet of your mother”. I heard this when I was really young the first time but didn’t quite understand it. (No, I am not a Muslim.) I do now though understand why this might be true. Being a mother is the most unbelievable thing to ever happen to a woman, because not only does it change you physically, it changes you mentally and emotionally. For the first time, you are truly responsible for someone because anything else you have ever been responsible for could not compare to the responsibility of another human being. And it is not any adult human being, it is a tiny little person who doesn’t know anything. A friend of mine usually say that it is unbelievable that the human race survives because a homo sapien’s young one has the longest learning cycle. Any other animal learns really quickly, but kids take a LONG time before they can be left on their own. 

So like I was saying, a mother is unbelievable as she is the one who is there always. When you take your first step, the first time you laugh, the first time you speak, the first time you make any sound at all. The thing about mothers are, they would never sit down and remind you all of this. There is so much sacrifice that a mother does, from countless night’s sleep to giving you food first, to ignoring all your misbehavior. A mother is truly commendable. The things that your mother puts up with, for instance I was so choosy with food when I was young. Even late at night, I used to make a mum prepare a new dish all together and she would do it. 

I just cannot believe that any woman is ever ready to be a mother until you actually are. No one can teach you, as parenting is personal. You need to teach, and you need to learn from your child. Being a parent is the best thing and every parent would tell you that because procreation is human being’s greatest contribution to the world, I think. You cannot love anyone as much you would love your child, it is not possible. So really, I bow before all the mothers in the world. Most importantly, I bow to my own, the one who has taught me everything I know. If I could be half as good a mother to my child as she has been to me I think I would be the best parent. 🙂

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