The truth

“The truth is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great passion” -Albert Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Harry Potter (oh if you don’t know the full name, really people missing out on something in life :P)

No, I will not discuss the beauty or terribleness of truth, I would just basically explain you the importance. I know a few things since I believe in the George Washington’s story of the cherry tree. If you don’t know about it, read it. There’s one line in that story, “I cannot tell a lie father, I cannot tell a lie”. The question really is, why can’t a small scared boy lie to his father about cutting down a tree when we lie to people closest to us everyday? Does that kid have more moral values than we do. I think that might really be it. 

If you called a random 100 educated (not literate, educated) bunch of individuals and ask them who all have heard of the proverb, “Honesty is the best policy” I can be sure that over 90% would have heard of the exact phase or a variation of it. Why do we teach our kids that honesty is good when we practice none of it? How is it possible for people like us to ever live with ourselves when we sell off all the core values we were taught when we were 10 years old. 

I am sure you were scared to lie when you were 10, but you are not anymore and do you know why? Just ask yourself, you know the answer. It is because you have lied so many (and i must insist on the many) times that now it is almost like telling the truth. I really like official documents, for some reason and I will explain you why. At the end, of every government document you are asked to sign but right before you have to check a checkbox and if you read the text next to it, it often says, “I declare that (blahblah) is true to my knowledge“. The key words being “true to my knowledge” and hence truth is different for each of us as is reality. I must insist here that I am not trying to tell you people how bad you are as a person, I really do not intend you bring down your self esteem, all I really want to do is tell you, please take a look at your morals. Write them down, spell it out. And please please please, do not cross over. We need morality for when this world collapses and when we wish to rebuild civilization, we would like morality to stand firm. 

I am not an idealist I am going to tell you people. My morals have been as corrupted as anyone else’s, but I also am going to spell out mine and feel bad about how immoral I have become because really if you go to a primary school kid, he/she probably has morals than you and i. Imagine how ashamed we should be of ourselves if humans have a exponential decline in morality with age. I cannot be more ashamed of myself. (Please don’t think I am talking out of guilt, I just feel bad that I lie and that people around me lie all the time)

The problem with lies is, you never know what the truth is really. Are we so indulged in lies that we really don’t know what the truth is? Try not to lie, keep truth alive. I do not really know how else to hope for this world to have a real chance of survival when the time comes. I am not asking less selfishness, I am just asking that all of you beautiful and amazing people out there, don’t lie to your parents, your children, to your partner. Just keep your relationships based on truth. Even a smallest hindrance of lie will cause everything to shatter before you even realize what happened. I am sure you are good people because that is what I would like to believe. I would like to believe you are good with people you care about, otherwise you all might be big time b-words. Just be honest with those you love at least. Keep morality and truth alive if not flourishing.

I wish you all have a good week ahead of you because we all hate Mondays. (Except, I know this wonderful bakery that is closed on Mondays and I respect them for that :P). I wish to keep writing this time, so I am sure if any of you is reading this, you will be hearing from me pretty soon. 

Wanting to sign off as xoxo gossip girl, but that’s definitely not me 😛

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