Music: yours forever

You know when you are teenager and you pretend to be into bands cos you think everyone is as well and you will look like an idiot if you were the only one without a crazy passion about music. I wasn’t like that, but I do think most of my music listening when I was 16 was due to the fact that my friends were crazy fans of music and I was just trying to fit in. Music connects you to people, that’s true but isn’t its sole purpose actually to connect to yourself. When you connect to music, what does that really mean? It means that you are vulnerable and susceptible to someone else’s thoughts and feelings and believe it or not, isn’t life all about just that. Being able to understand other human beings, isn’t that all we are trying to achieve at the end of every relationship and imagine how simply the artists and song lyricists make this connection without knowing anything about us. Isn’t it wonderful?

I am really sorry I haven’t mentioned the “music” bit of music, all I have been saying is how songs are very beautiful but being a fan of “Music and Lyrics” myself I think music is as important as lyrics if not more so. Music connects us to souls who don’t know our tongues but only understand good music. That is why we have Beethovan and Mozart alive among us even after decades of their passing away from the planet. The music that enthralls and enriches us all, we all have some connection to some music (or rather, i hope all of us do). So the point I am really trying to make here is that music is probably the only thing that will become personal to you, that’s why people have personal iPods or music players and we have playlists. It is incredible how much time people spend listening to music. At work, I am mostly hooked on to my earphones listening to something instrumental/hiphop/dubstep as it helps to work. While cleaning, while showering (during sex), anything really.. music is important to all of us and I think we should give it more credit than we do. I think we should buy music (to stop piracy), or listen to online radio (my favorite being 8tracks).

I just realized that since my teenage, music has been my constant companion in anger, in sorrow, in happiness and I just want to say thank you to all those brilliant artists out there trying so hard coming up with such incredible music for all of us to relate to, to be comforted by and to rejoice in.

P.S. A very short postscript about all the artists who disgrace the music industry, really people what do you listen to, when you need to work? I really do wonder, I will not be pointing out names of such artists but we all know of certain well-hated artists though to me, some of their songs are nice with good lyrics but the rest are equally dull. But really think about it, what do these people hear? I can’t help but wonder, surely not something like beethovan otherwise they would be very hateful of themselves 😛

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