Workday mornings

How often have you seen someone across the street carrying a cup of starbucks ‘Venti’? For that matter, not only Starbucks even other coffee shops are flooded with the morning crowd between 8 and 10 for people trying to get better coffee than their office coffeemaker would supply. The question really is, are all these people not sleeping enough, are they used to coffee, or is work not holding their attention? Most breakfast sets are served with tea or coffee, why? I wonder if it is a choice, or are we being forced into choosing this coffee-oriented life style.

In movies and books and also in real life, most people take their coffee with their breakfast every morning. I am not bothered by the side-effects of coffee but rather the sheer consumption of the drink. According to a recent research, 54% of Americans above the age of 18 drink on coffee everyday while 65% of those have it with breakfast. Also, another thing to note is that anyone who is above 18 is either in college doing long hours or studying(more honestly, partying) and the rest are working in 9-10 hours desk jobs. Are they in need of coffee because of less sleep every night or have they just joined the club with all other people before them getting their shot of expresso? I am not really expressing an opinion here, just to be clear. I actually do not know why there is so much coffee needed to get you started in things that should inspire you to work on regardless of how less sleep you have had. I wonder when all these great inventors were working on their projects/inventions were they constantly carrying a cup of coffee or were they motivated enough to never need it? I wonder if true passion overcomes sleep or coffee is a necessity regardless your love for your job or study. I am not really criticizing coffee drinkers, absolutely no criticism. I just wish to understand why is so much coffee being consumed every day around the world.

I asked a friend about this same problem and he mentioned that adults usually sleep less hours in a day and so, they need coffee to get through the day. This would make sense if you think about it, but then I can’t help wonder is there no adult that sleeps 6-7 hours a day? Also, isn’t even 5 hours sleep enough for adults? And, what about conditioning? If people are sleeping 5 hours a day for 5 years, shouldn’t they be conditioned to not be sleepy at work? But then, a voice in my head pops up just to say quietly, they have also been conditioned to drink coffee every morning for 5 years so really, you cannot tell if they can stay up or not. This is highly interesting and honestly, pretty useless train of thought. (yes, there is a rational being in my irrational head). I would just leave as I have to get back to work and to my cup of coffee with this final thought on coffee:

I hope you enjoy the video, and I didn’t make it 🙂

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