That one person

That one person who makes us cry, 

The only person who can make us happy, 

The one who can hurt more than possible, 

The one who can possibly heal even better. 

The one who knows all are secrets, 

And keeps them as they were their own, 

The one who believes in us, 

Even when we stop believing in our own self.

The one who we promise to, 

A lifelong of companionship

The one we want to keep the promise with

But sometimes fail to come through. 

We all have that one person, 

The one we have disappointed, 

The one who has forgiven, 

The one who loved us more than anyone, 

And the one who made us stronger, 

The one we can fight with like crazy, 

The one we cannot live without even a day, 

This is to that one person, 

My best friend, my confidant, my life. 


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