Once upon a time

I was a little girl

When I started believing in signs

The good and bad, 

The one without any reason or rhyme

The universe is a music unsavoured

It goes in cyclic intermissions

Of good and bad and rhymes 

The way it was, the way it will be

Is all transcendental

You have today, or whether tomorrow

Is a mystery beyond any comprehension

Why we chase, why we follow

Why the world goes to morrow

The direction of time,

The reason or rhyme

The gray suit, the red shirt

The bags full of knowledge

Or head with complete ignorance

The corner we hide,

The maps with might

The boundaries, the liberation

The blue shoes and invasion

It is all once upon a time

A moment that can bind

The expressions, the love,

The forgotten past, the dooming future

All is there, but only

Once upon a time  


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