We wonder

Let’s begin about writing about the wonder that life is. From a single cell to a million cell worth of flesh and blood that humans are. I wonder though, if we wonder enough. 

I have seen life go past, in a rush, 

I have seen seasons pass, with nothing but a hush, 

I have hidden through life, silent and smile

As the wonders have passed me by. 

I have often thought to myself, 

The good phase is yet to come

Never realizing the best is now, 

For the simple reason that it is NOW. 

A day at a time, 

A reason once in a while, 

We wonder of things there are, 

We wonder of things there aren’t. 

The greatest wonder is our existence, 

And we don’t enjoy it for even a second, 

We don’t just breathe and wonder, 

How insanely awesome it is to do that. 

Life goes past in all the wonder, 

We wonder of things man created, 

How can we be so ignorant to nature? 

I wonder today, as I wondered yesterday

If the awe is just an illusion now

The things that should be awe-d are just

Taken for granted, and the unnecessary, 

The burdens in life, the added problems

Seem to be awe-d instead.

I wonder if human beings 

Could just begin again, 

And like eve was tempted by an apple, 

The point it, it was an APPLE. 

In this world we live today, 

We all are trying to remove as much awe, 

By wondering about the wrong things

When the nature is as old as ever, 

It is as mysterious as it was before 

So where did all the wonder go?


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