I am a writer_in disguise of course

Have u seen the incognito window on google chrome? okay, if u have made some secret searches in your life, you have probably. so there is a cool spy dude there, right on the left hand side corner. I feel like that dude. I am a writer but of course in disguise, and my disguise is my irrelevance, my utter lack of knowledge/experience and what more, my non committal attitude towards the things i love. Yes, i love to write. and yes, i wanted to be a writer.

You might ask, what happened to that? oh nothing happened to that, I just became you know, ME. I started not enjoying everything, and hated my own writing (okay, that’s a lie, i never hate my writing, i obviously love it, it is a reflection of me of course) but yes, i hated everything and I have not believed for a very long time that I can’t write.

You want to know why? because we write what we know. and I know nothing.

So, i am a writer, I want to be one. sincerely. but i know nothing. so i cant write. and hence i will go read. it is a goodbye for now. will be back hopefully soon.

in the meantime, adele won 6 grammys for 21. she is 23 and she has won 8 grammys till date. makes u wonder how your life sucks doesn’t it?

keep in touch, if u want. or what the hell, dont bother reading. i am not going to be a writer anyways.

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