Rolling in the deep-adele

The thing is, I stopped blogging at all.. cos I stopped writing at all, didn’t feel like it.. but today I did, not because it seemed like the thing to do, but because I wanted to be alone, and somehow when I write I am alone, not lonely, just alone. I don’t want to be with people, because it is my life, my time and I suddenly realized that I had spent so much of it with people who couldn’t be bothered that I don’t know if it even makes sense. For some reason, I have come a long way in life. In friendship and in love. but like all dreamers I still believe that you get what you give, if u spread love out in the world, you will get it back somehow, someday. I don’t know how right I am about this.

You see, it is easy to give up and recently I felt like it very much. Then a friend of mine said to me, you can’t give up, it is too soon. Maybe he has a point, more point than anyone has ever made. It is true, I am giving up without even exploring what I could possibly have. I think it is okay to give up on certain things. Some relationships are not meant to be and to give up on them is not a big deal. But, if someone asks you to still believe maybe you should listen to them. I believe in signs. The world is a magical place, for all those who think I am crazy, you might be onto something. I have been betrayed, hurt and almost killed myself over the human beings on this planet and yet I want to believe. I believe in this world. I believe that there are solutions. I believe that I can be anything I want and anyone I want. I can do certain things that nobody can because you see I was sent on to this planet for a certain reason. I don’t know it yet, but I intent to find out before I go. 

Oh, if anyone is wondering why this post is called rolling in the deep-adele, the simple reason to that is that rolling in the deep is playing while I type this out, and because if one thinks about that song it is an awesome song and it says so much about life. It is about not giving up this the very end and one day finally giving up. We live in a selfish world but somehow others around us forget to value each other. We all are rolling in the deep, but to give up when one is broken is a decision one has to make. Okay, gonna write something less depressing. 🙂


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