It’s that time of the year

DECEMBER!!! why is it here again? I remember last december, and it just felt to have been here but suddenly its not. Another december is here, life has changed. December is a strange month, not just cos two of my favorite people were born in this month but also, cos December marks the end and the beginning. It marks the beginning of a new year, and the end of another. Not to add there is festivities all over the place of Christmas and New Years. 

And not to mention the cold of December, most of the Northern Hemisphere if you are north of Arctic Circle you are definitely frozen, if you are between the Tropic of Cancer and Arctic Circle then you are just shivering (lucky you). You might also be in the Southern Hemisphere and enjoying the summer, I do not know. Oh, I am only shivering and my fingers could do some warmth but you know, I am alive and life is good. 

I am sort of fond of December, everything is pretty in disguise and nothing is real. Everything is a farce, and if you have had december’s like mine you will definitely feel that people are as cold as the weather is. So, what time of the year is it? It is the time of the year, to go back home, to buy presents, to receive presents, to celebrate, to drink wine mostly to keep yourself cozy, to go on vacations, to miss friends/family if you are alone, but mainly it is the time of year for resolutions. It is the time for making plans, plans one would probably give up on somewhere at the end of January or maybe even the beginning if you are me. 

It is that time of year when good things become better and bad things just seem worse. I hope you have good things to celebrate and believe. Even though we all don’t believe in Santa, it isn’t such a bad idea to believe at this time of year. It might be a good idea to be hopeful. Sigh.

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