When it all changes

You think everything’s merry and life is a dream,

Until that one moment when it all changes,

When even leaves look of different colours,

And trees have bended knees.

It is like reality except that to you it’s not

It is like an illusion,

Except that it is not.

You try to see the light of day

But everything is truly lost

You pick up pieces of your life

And try to make a new start.

They say that’s what living is all about

About starting again,

About new beginnings,

But honestly if you ask,

Beginnings are nothing

but unrelated endings unfinished.

We all look for something at every corner

Search for new destinations

As human race progresses

The mind somehow stagnates.

The questions we were supposed to ask

Are lost in the illusions of the light we see

The answers we were supposed to search

Are dying somewhere rotted out at sea.

As I see this world, this illusion of mine,

I wonder if I am even better,

Than the ancestors of mine,

Tempted by the outside.



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