This is definitely not a life lesson

Making choices is hard for everyone, and if you are someone like me, its even harder. I can’t decide which food to order when I go to a restaurant or what ice cream I want. Usually I go with the easier, or reliable options but then there are times I experiment.

One day, I read somewhere about a wise way to decide what you really want. For me, I don’t know what I really want. Then, the way is to flip a coin and ask yourself the question right when the coin is in the air. You will usually get the answer of what you really want it to be. That is what you want. It’s a lesson for those who can’t make choices, but don’t make your life’s choices based on what you want. Think a bit logically folks, though doing always what you want, isn’t so bad either! I haven’t tried living like that because mostly I am not sure what I want.

Okay, just go and breathe. Take it in, and don’t listen to me if you have better ways of making decisions. If you do, please tell me what they are!


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