Just a simple observation

Being on social networking site somehow gives u a peek into everyone’s personal life, the thing here being that I know about many old school mates personal life whose life I have no clue about existed when I went to school with them. So basically my point here was, I see people writing about how they are working or how their fiance’s are awesome, how they are in love, or doing things they want to do but the problem here being that my life seems nothing like theirs. Its not that I want my life to be normal or something, I don’t know what my life has become. Like, I like having a different life but then the everything from the marks I got in school, to how I did in college points out to the fact that my life is average, like really mundane and ordinary, but I am not happy like the rest of the ordinary people.

Like I wonder, if I want things that normal people do, I don’t get them and when I want things that not-so-normal people do then the whole universe takes it as a personal responsibility to tell me that I am not anything more than ordinary. I have no skills, no talents, I am not happy. So, I am an ordinary miserable person which somehow doesn’t make sense to me because my misery makes it all not so ordinary.

I don’t think I made much sense there. I just saw my Facebook wall and noticed how many people had pictures with their boyfriends, and I thought to myself, “Oh God, am I even living in the same world as the rest of them? I have been lonely since I remember it, the few friends I have, don’t really think much of me, have I even lived?” So yeah, this post is just my reaction to if I have lived.

I hope you all are living different lives than I am, cos I want my life to be different but also because you gotta admit mine kind of sucks.


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