Things I have learnt about life: Lesson 2

Immunity is something we learn about when we are somewhere in the 5th grade and we study about the immunity of the human body but no one tell us that immunity can be more than physical. Physical immunity is just something the body builds after fighting many infections and diseases over time. It is a protective layer, and so is emotional immunity. Human beings become immune emotionally too. I have learn it.

The first love is important and special not just because it is the first time, but also because after that break up nothing hurts as much because your heart becomes immune. It is weird how that would happen. Its somehow similar to the fact that the first time a teacher scolds you, you feel bad, but if you get scolded everyday you probably stop caring about it. You become immune to it. So, human beings are programmed to become immune to certain things, after going through bad experiences, hurt and trauma. Nothing hurts more than the first time you get hurt. It is new and fresh, as nothing is most enjoyable than the first time you do it.

The first time someone climbs a mountain, or the first time someone learns a dance, it is the best feeling. Slowly, the thrill disappears even though the enjoyment stays. I am not saying that things are not fun after the first time, otherwise people won’t be doing the same job for most of their lives, or be married to the same person. All I mean it, when something new happens, good or bad, it throws us off, but slowly all of us homo sapiens develop a sort of immunity to it.

Immunity is something that comes naturally to all of us beings, even though we don’t quite see it coming, and we don’t quite analyze it until we are scared of getting AIDS or something. It is not just physical, and that’s the best part. I don’t know how good it is that we can’t experience things with an awe but the fact remains that after a while the flavor, color and newness of something fades off and then all that remains is the feeling that it is cool or awesome.

People learn to deal with pain in the same way. If it becomes a part of their lives then they become immune to it. I have a friend who has diabetes. She has had it since she was in the 11th grade and now reflecting back I know the insulin that she injects herself with is not as painful anymore. It gets less painful as time goes by because she has become immune to the pain of it. She has learnt to live with it. To someone who is not getting injected everyday, a simple syringe might give them a panic attack but one learns to be immune to that pain.

Emotionally immune people are everywhere. We all are immune to some emotions. People who don’t react to death, loss, failure are probably immune to sadness. They are living with sadness in everyday life in a way such that even major events of sadness do not make them feel any worse. These same people would get overly excited on small events of happiness because those are rare for them. We all learn to be immune to some emotion. Living in the wild, or even living alone would make one immune to fear of being lonely because one is always lonely.

Fear, sadness, pain- we can all become immune to these emotions but somehow, one can’t become immune to happiness. The fact that I discovered was that one cannot be immune to anything positive, yes one can get used to it, sometimes ignore it, but can never become immune to it. Happiness or anything that brings happiness to us, will always be a source of joy, it doesn’t matter how small or big it is. It doesn’t matter how much it has changed over the years. Things that make you happy will continue to do so, and if they don’t make you happy anymore, it means that it never gave you true happiness. True happiness never fades, it is constant. A mother can always look at their child and smile. A child would always be a source of joy to their parents, unless their child is a murderer. (sorry for the inappropriate joke there)

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